Pileus VPN

Our VPN client, Pileus VPN, is our first real venture into the world of privacy.
With our goal being to provide a free and sustainable alternative to similar solutions, we decided that this would be the best starting point.
Omerta.io was founded upon the the idea that your private information should be no one's but your own.
We provide services which ordinarily are considered premiums, completely free of charge! Doing so however, means that we need your help to spread the word about our solutions.
By even telling one friend about us you can help us fulfill our goal.

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Removeo blocks unwanted ADs, trackers, telemery, malware - really anything you want it to, and what's more, it's system wide! This means that no matter if you are doing your daily browsing or using your favourite apps, you can now do so in an ad-free and anonymous environment.

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We need your help

For us to be able to provide our services completely free of charge, we rely on your help and donations. Please consider donating!