Pileus VPN

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Name Price
Worldwide Server Locations 0.00
Military-grade Encryption 0.00
No Logs 0.00
No Accounts 0.00
No Restrictions 0.00
Unlimited Bandwidth 0.00
No Trackers 0.00
Protection against hackers, scammers & spoofers 0.00
Free for a Lifetime 0.00



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Please note: If a TAP-driver is missing from your computer, please install it from the "Settings" section inside of the VPN client. This is needed for the VPN to work properly. If you have used other VPN clients before, this is most likely not needed.

New in Version 2.0
  • Users will no longer be seeing any ads while using our client!
  • Improved client GUI.
  • Improved server-side features and security.