The universal AD Blocker.



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New in Version 1.0
  • Initial release


1. Move the executable (Removeo.exe) to the location of your choice.
2. Enable Windows Firewall (if disabled)
3. Open Removeo. If no errors appear it should notify you that no hosts files are present on your computer and ask you if you would like to download them. Hit "OK".

4. We highly recommend that users disable DNS Client Service, which is a built in feature in later Windows versions. This feature can cause slow load times if you are using large block lists. This can be done manually by your method of choice or in-app (shown below). Regardless of which method you choose, you need to restart your computer afterwards.
Disable DNS Client Service from the menu
6. Make sure that you don't have any web browsers or similar open. If open when you try to activate Removeo you will see an error similar to the one below.
Browser open
6. Once you have restarted your computer launch Removeo again and click on "Activate / Repair Removeo". The software then begins to make entries into the built in Windows Firewall as well as into your hosts file present on your computer. Removeo does not break custom hosts files. This step might take a minute or two during which the app might "freeze", do not force it to shutdown, it's completely normal.
7. Modern browsers rely on cached content to speed up load times. This means that previous ADs and tracking scripts might still get loaded from cache even if Removeo has been activated. To fix this empty the cache memory of your web browser.

You should now be all set for a new more clean and private experience than before. If you have any issues or questions please open an issue on Github or reach out to me by mail,

Keep in mind that you are using a very early version of this software and a large amount of false positives are still present.